Should You Turn Off Underfloor Heating In Summer?

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Underfloor heating is a cost-effective home heating solution that has a huge range of benefits. It utilises a pipe system filled with warm water to heat the floor and radiate heat into the room, providing consistent warmth that is particularly comforting when it is chilly in the winter. 

However, when summer rolls around many homeowners are unsure exactly what to do with their underfloor heating. It is suggested that you should leave your underfloor heating system on at all times for it to operate effectively, but this rule does not necessarily apply to the summer months as will probably not need the additional heat in your home.

Whether you have just had underfloor heating installed or are unsure whether it is a suitable new home heating system, you may be wondering whether underfloor heating should be turned off in summer. In short, it’s absolutely fine to turn off your underfloor heating in summer, providing the outside temperature is sufficient enough for you to be comfortable at home.

How To Turn Off Underfloor Heating In Summer

Underfloor heating will usually be controlled by a thermostat or smart control system that allows it to run consistently and efficiently without little manual input or adjustment. As we continue to enjoy summer temperatures and you make the decision to turn your underfloor heating off, you will need to locate your control unit.

There are two ways that you can control your underfloor heating over the summer. Either switch off your thermostat entirely or turn your controls to ‘away’ mode. ‘Away’ mode is designed to allow your underfloor heating system to spring into action quickly when you need it again, as you can set a return date for the system to start running again.

If you do decide to switch off your underfloor heating entirely via the thermostat, we recommend switching it back on for a short period of time every couple of weeks to keep it calibrated and stop water from sticking.

Benefits Of Turning Off Underfloor Heating In Summer

The obvious benefit of turning off your underfloor heating in summer is that you will not make your home too warm when the outside temperature is already sufficient. 

Switching off for summer will also save you money. Underfloor heating is generally very cost-effective to run, but running it when it is not needed will still mean you are spending money on bills unnecessarily. If your rooms are too hot because your underfloor heating is on, you may also need to utilise fans which can add to your energy bills when used continuously.

Other Important Things To Know

When the time comes to utilise your underfloor heating system again, you may need to carry out a few checks to make sure that it is running properly. Have a look at the system closely and pay attention to its condition. The components should be in good working order and there should be no leaks, but if you spot any problems then consult an expert before doing anything else. 

In most cases, you will simply be able to switch your thermostat back on, set the temperature and wait a few hours for the system to heat up again. We recommend gradually increasing the temperature the first time you use your underfloor heating again to prevent any shock to the system. 

Should you require any further guidance when it comes to using your underfloor heating system effectively in the summer months or wish to explore our fantastic underfloor heating solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at Pipelife Eco today.

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