Renewable, cost saving heating

It is clear that our planet is changing and changes need to be made to the way in which we heat our homes. A method of heating our homes resulting in less energy consumption, lower running costs, and dramatically reduced CO2 emissions and carbon footprint is required. There is a clearly a need for something different. Something Renewable.

With the support of Government schemes and homeowners wanting a better solution to these concerns, new and innovative ways of heating homes have been developed.

These systems involve new and more efficient ways of heating and delivering hot water to your home compared to traditional ways of heating your home such as oil or gas boilers.

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Hitachi Air to Water Heat Pump House

What are heat pumps? And Do you need one?

Heat pumps are suitable for installation in most modern Irish homes and will handle your home’s heating needs efficiently and effectively, helping you to save money on your energy bills.

Is a Heat Pump the right option for your home?

If your home tends to be cold or has single glazed windows, a heat pump should not be your first consideration.

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Is my Home Heat Pump Ready?

More and more people across Ireland are bringing positive change into their homes by making the switch to Heat Pump Technology, but is your home right for Heat Pump Technology?

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I need a Heat Pump, What do I do next?

Find out how you can get the more information or an accurate quote for installing Heat Pump Technology in your home.

Our chosen air to water heat pumps:

Mono-Bloc Heat Pump

Split Combi Heat Pump