How To Save Money On Energy Bills In The Cost Of Living Crisis

From grocery shopping to days out, it’s hard to step outside at the moment without feeling the squeeze of the current cost of living crisis. The price of everything seems to be going up, but perhaps nothing quite as much as energy bills. In fact, household energy bills in Ireland are the third highest in the EU, according to recent data from Eurostat

Most households are finding that they are hunting for ways they can cut back on costs. From investing in greener, more efficient tech for your home, to simple lifestyle changes that you can start from today, these top tips can help you to save money on energy bills in the cost of living crisis. 

Change your habits

You’d be shocked to find out how much energy you use unnecessarily throughout the day. Having appliances running all of the time adds up, and small changes in the way that you use items around the house can add up to big savings.

Remember to switch off lights when you leave the room, fight the urge to use the tumble dryer and opt for the washing line instead, and save your washing until you have a full load. 

Next time you have to invest in a new household appliance, you could also consider choosing something that is energy efficient. Spending a little more in the first place can go a long way towards reducing the cost of use over time, saving you money on your energy bills in turn.

Evaluate your bills and supplier

Changing supplier has historically been a popular way to save money on energy bills, but with rates high across the board, it’s hard to save by making a switch right now. However, there is no need to feel trapped with your current supplier and you could save money on your energy bills by taking the time to evaluate the way you interact with them.

Remember to submit regular meter readings to make sure that your bills are as accurate as possible and you’re not paying for energy you haven’t used. If you haven’t already, switch from paying on receipt of your bill to a direct debit. This will keep your payments more balanced throughout the year and make unavoidable seasonal spikes in usage easier to manage.

Find out if you can get support

Until recently, most households in Ireland were eligible to receive credit of €600, across 3 installments, to help reduce the burden of rising energy bills. Although this support ended in March 2023, there is further support available if you are struggling to meet necessary energy costs.

Speak with your energy supplier directly to discuss the type of support they can offer you, which may include alternative payment plans. They cannot cut off your supply without getting in contact with you first. Alternatively, you may be eligible for government support through the Household Benefits Package or the Fuel Allowance

Invest in making your home more energy efficient

Making your home more energy efficient is a long term way to save money on energy bills. There are different ways that you can boost efficiency in your home, including smart solutions and added insulation. 

Underfloor heating is growing in popularity as a way of boosting efficiency within the home. An underfloor heating system will stay in your home for it’s lifetime, so it’s a great investment well beyond the strains of the current cost of living crisis. The heat provided by this kind of system sits at floor level where you feel it most, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort within your home to make savings. 

Reconsider your boiler

Most homes use a boiler for heating but, in many circumstances, this is not the most effective method. Boilers can be costly to run and bad for the environment as they require a lot of fuel. Switching to something different such as a heat pump can be a great way to be more efficient, save money on your bills, and reduce your impact on the planet at the same time.

Having a heat pump can eliminate oil and gas bills from your home entirely. The eco technology also reduces your remaining energy usage, by making the most of heat from outdoors and efficiently distributing this around your home. 

These tips demonstrate that there are reasons to be optimistic about the prospect of saving money on your energy bills in the cost of living crisis. If you would like to explore ways you can use energy in your home more efficiently, get in touch with the knowledgeable experts at Pipelife Eco today. We can help you explore if underfloor heating, heat pumps or an alternative may help you keep your energy bills down.

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